You’re hiring a roofer to re-shingle your roof or a contractor to complete that add-on you’ve always wanted. You’re looking for the best deal and someone with good reviews, but are you considering safety when making your selection? If not, you should be. Most homeowners are unaware they could be legally and financially liable should an accident occur when a contractor is working on their home. This means you could be held liable for medical bills, lost wages, or damages.

To protect yourself and your home, make sure you ask for TMI:

Trained: Do they have safety training certificates for a Fall Protection course? Make sure they are not expired.

Managing safety: Do they have a safety policy or safety management plan in place? Do they regularly inspect harnesses to make sure they are in working order? Is safety something they take seriously?

Insured: Do they have Workers’ Compensation Board insurance? Ask to see a clearance letter.

It’s not too much to ask for this information. Good contractors worth hiring will be happy to show you these documents and proud about the safety protocols they have in place.

When TMI is a good thing: Trained, Managing safety and Insured

If they answer no to any of these questions, pick up the phone and call someone else. It’s not worth the risk to hire someone without proper fall protection in place. Don’t let your home be a hazard.

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